BEACH PACKAGE – Any 6 items

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The beach package includes 2 Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs and 1 umbrella plus:
3 items of your choice.
All beach packages come with a beach quilt as an added bonus!

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This Tommy Bahama combination of 2 chairs and 1 umbrella will save you $. Nice package for a couple enjoying the beaches in Hawaii! Comes in a variety of prints and may not all match.


Wonder wheel cart allows you to haul all your beach items easily to the beach. Just pop in your chairs, umbrella, snorkel gear or boogie board and off you go. Large wheels make it easy to cross the beach.


Red Radio Flyer wagon is great to travel with the kids to the beach or down to the pool. The wagon is made of study plastic and has 2 pop up seats for the kids. The kids can take their favorite drink with them and put in the cup holders. It is also great for hauling beach gear down to the beach.

BOOGIE BOARD - Adult – optional

Colorful and fun adult boogie boards. Has coiled or leash wrist band attached to the board. Slick bottom for easy gliding on the surf.

SNORKEL SET - ADULT – optional

Adult snorkel set includes mask, snorkel, fins, fish card and defogger. Comes with a mesh bag for easy carrying. We require shoe size for fins.
5-7; 7-8; 8-9; 9-10; 11-12; 13-15. Narrow feet typically require the smaller size and rounder feet typically go up one size.

SNORKEL SET - CHILD – optional

Child snorkel set includes, child size mask, snorkel (smaller mouth piece), fins, fish card and defogger. It all comes in a mesh bag for easy carrying to the beach or pool.

BABY BEACH TENT – optional

Baby beach tent is a simple pop up tent with side vents and flooring for baby to play on the beach without getting sun burned. Plenty of room to nap for 2 toddlers or just to play in. Colors orange and blue, which ever is available.

BEACH COOLER: Soft – optional

Large soft cooler that comes with 2 blue ice type cooling gels. Holds your favorite beverage and snacks for a day at the beach. Picture only representation of type of product provided.

BEACH COOLER: Hard – optional

Hard cooler to take to the beach with your favorite beverage and snacks. Holds 6 pack and few snacks and ice.

BEACH TOYS for 2 or more

Large basket of beach toys for 2 ore more children. Includes minimum of 3 buckets in different sizes, multiple shovels, rakes, sieves, molds, and special toy.

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