Pricing per period:
$305.00 / Week$60.00 per extra Day

Premium package comes with:
Premium crib set up in your unit with 6″ spring mattress and theme linens
High Chair
Jogger Bob
Toy Bin
Jumperoo or Megasaucer
Sound or Video Monitor
Sound Machine All Night
Bouncy with music/vibrations
There are no substitutions for this package.

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These Little Seed Monarch cribs will be personally assembled in your unit. They are metal cribs either bronze or light blue with spring floors and come with a 6" premium spring mattress. All cribs come with theme linens. For that feel like home away from home, this is it. We assemble all cribs on the lower level of the crib.


Adjustable high chair with tray that can be stand alone up pull up the table to join the family. This is representation of type of high chair we rent but may vary in style. Brand is Graco.

MAMAROO – optional

The mamaroo is an all in one, swing, bouncy and rocker. Choose the position the baby likes the most or change it up throughout the day. It a true mom's helper.


Single jogger BOB for toddler and mom to enjoy time together.

CHILD TOY BIN – optional

Child toy bin is full of fun for any age. Custom box for boys, girls or mix. We have items from 6 months to 8 years old. Items include, electronic child education toys, books, dinasaur learning, dolls & all doll items, medical kits, games, magnetic building sets, puzzles cars and truck, balls and much more..... List your childs age and gender and suggestions of what they like and we will make a special box for your child.

VIDEO MONITOR – optional

Safety video monitor to watch children to ensure their safe and sound. Vtech and Summer brands. Some have wide screen.


Safety monitor that is sound only to listen and ensure baby is ok, stirring or awake. Can be moved to different locations. Vtech and Summer brands

JUMPEROO – optional

Jumperoo is a stationery jumper that baby sits in the middle of and bounces. It can be adjusted for height. It has fun, colorful activity items that surround the baby to explore. There are 2 models and we choose what is available.

SOUND MACHINE - All Night – optional

Sound machine that will last all night. Has many soothing sounds for baby or adult. Also has small disks that reflect on the ceiling for baby to watch whent they roll over. Keeps them interested while falling asleep. Not required to use ceiling disk and all models do not come with this feature.

BOUNCY SEAT - Music & Vibrations – optional

Bouncy seat that has activity arch for baby and music and vibration mode. Entertains baby and can help put them to sleep after meal time.

BABY BATH TUB – optional

Safety tub for infants, includes sling

BABY BEACH TENT – optional

Baby beach tent is a simple pop up tent with side vents and flooring for baby to play on the beach without getting sun burned. Plenty of room to nap for 2 toddlers or just to play in. Colors orange and blue, which ever is available.

MEGA or EXERSAUCER for Baby – optional

Exersaucer is a great way for baby to play and get exercise. Fun bouncy that can be adjust and roll around as baby moves. The exercaucer can be put in a stationery mode. Fun toys to look at and play with.


Play yard is a 6 or 8 gate plastic fit together area for your child to play safely. Can be made into a circle, rectangle. Great inside or near the pool to keep kids safe. Also comes in beige.

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